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Welcome!  A bit about Janie Solomon....


By accident, I developed a career running a design and marketing studio; I help businesses make brand decisions that will get them noticed, revered, respected. We do all sorts of things, I encourage you to check out what we do over there and spread the word - we are good at what we do.


That's my work work. This is my play work. I have been blogging for years... mostly capturing home cooked meals, a lot of photography, a fair amount of recipes. I am good in the kitchen. I'd like to cook for you someday so don't be at all surprised if this becomes about personal chefdom. I'm good with color and space and have helped many a friend stage their home or choose fabrics and paint schemes. Interior consultant? Again, would not surprise me... And then there is the fact that I love shooting smiles and the outdoors as much as I do food.


ALL OF THAT happens HERE! Some day maybe all these things will work together and there will be a very mini Janie Solomon empire to feed you, photograph you, and make your digital and real worlds sing.


Did I mention that I love to sing?


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